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Engineering Your Business Podcast

Jun 18, 2021

Today we feature another Ode to The Office with Ode to Change. This one focuses on more than just the office and is a bit on the more serious side.

We all experience change and we can either resist it or grow from it.

Here is Ode To Change:

Ode to Change
You come to us all as we walk through each day
There's no one outside of your reach
You tell us to move when we'd rather stay
For there's something that you're trying to teach
Familiar is good and it's peaceful and calm
We could stay here forever, we feel
But you nudge us and prod us and move us along
As a new path is slowly revealed
The footing is rocky, not firm like we'd like
As we take steps into the unknown
Our vision is dim like a wet foggy hike
But we follow the path that we're shown
Some change can be painful, with loss by its side
There's an ache and a longing that's there
And though things may look great to those on the outside
On the inside a heart is laid bare.
Sometimes we're stuck between life that is stable
And a landscape that's different and new
But each time  we change we learn that we are able
To grow and to boldly walk through
So thank you, our friend, for refining and molding
Our lives as you stretch us once more
We may not have asked for the plans that you're holding
But there's so much that you have in store.

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